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Go Transcribe is a UK-based service

dedicated to providing high quality transcriptions

on time and on budget

One-to-one interviews

Get the most out of your research with accurate, smart transcription in either intelligent or full verbatim format.

Group discussions

Winkling out those almost inaudible comments that turn out to be research gems is our speciality.

Teleconference calls

Whether participants are in the UK or overseas, we go the extra mile to unravel who’s who and what’s being said.

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Cutting edge technology, old-fashioned values

It’s a long while since the days of manual typewriters but some of us here at Go Transcribe have so much experience that we have distant memories of those times. Today, the equipment we use and the way we send files couldn’t be more different. We are now offering our services not just to a local network but worldwide. One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is our commitment to you, our clients, to provide you with an excellent service by consistently returning high quality transcriptions and allowing you to meet your deadlines.

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How to send your files

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Cost Calculator

Find out exactly how much your transcription will cost with our handy calculator.


Our Rates

Our rates are simply designed to correspond to the urgency of your deadline and your transcription requirements.

Different templates to suit your requirements

Our standard template is in intelligent verbatim format with speakers clearly indicated for groups of up to 3 people. For groups of 4 or more, there is an additional charge to identify speaker (please see our rates for further information).


Distinct speaker formats

Easily pick out the interviewee’s responses to your questions


Time stamps

We will happily time stamp every line or minute of your transcript.


Clear labelling

Your transcript will be labelled with your recording title and the length of your audio file.


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